Product FAQ

Q: What are the primary ingredients?

A: Water, juice from concentrate, fructose, green tea extract (L-theanine), natural flavoring, natural coloring, lemon balm extract, and stevia.


Q: Is NOA Relax & Focus organic?

A: While we are striving for our products to meet the requirements to be designated “organic”, we are currently unable to secure the supply of certain ingredients from a certified organic producer. Our goal is to produce a product that is as beneficial as possible for both your health and the environment.


Q: What is the nutritional content?

A: Click on each individual drink on our product page to find out its nutritional page.


Q: Do you use real fruit?

A: We use a concentrate made from real fruit and berries sourced from different parts of the world, subject to the season. At NOA, we strive to achieve consistent high quality and as a result, we purchase only the best quality fruit and berries for our drinks.


Q: What are your active ingredients?

A: The active ingredients are green tea and Melissa (lemon balm).


For thousands of years, green tea has been used to improve concentration, among many health benefits. Numerous scientific studies conclude that green tea stimulates the alpha brain waves associated with a relaxed, but alert, state — the same frequencies generated by both yoga and meditation. Green tea is also an antioxidant that protects the body’s cells against oxidative stress.


Lemon balm is a herb with a long history of medicinal use, particularly for stress reduction and anti-anxiety treatment. Clinical studies have proven lemon balm’s contribution to optimal relaxation.


Q: Where do you produce NOA Relax & Focus?

A: The idea of NOA Relax & Focus is born in Sweden and it is produced in Germany. Currently there are no facilities in the Nordic region that live up to the quality standards we have set. Most of the ingredients come from other parts of the EU, but a few ingredients do come from countries outside of Europe due to regional harvest cycles.


Q: What is NOA’s environment philosophy / policy?

A: Our ambition is to have no negative impact on the environment and we constantly strive for improvement. For us, this means first and foremost how our drinks are produced, and that we are utilizing the most effective means of production possible (such as recyclable packaging).  However, it is also about how we behave. Our company strives for zero-emissions–including a corporate travel policy that promotes public transportation (discourages flights), the purchasing of organic office supplies, etc.


Q: Why do you use a plastic bottle?

A: Plastic weighs less and is therefore more environmentally-friendly to transport. NOA Relax & Focus is a product that is bought for immediate consumption – ’on the go’ – and we believe that a plastic bottle is preferable as it is lighter than glass, does not break as easily, and above all is re-sellable. The bottle can also be re-used.


Q: Is the NOA bottle BPA-free certified?

We use PET plastic bottles which are completely BPA-free.


Q: Where does the plastic come from? Is it made from renewable sources?

Yes, it is 100% renewably-sourced plastic.


Q: Where does the paper on the label come from?

A: Masterpress in Poland makes the labels.


Q: Who designed the bottle?

A: Our award-winning bottle design was designed by the folks at Super Tuesday.


Q: Where does all the water used in production come from?

A: A local spring at the production site provides the water.


Q: Is NOA gluten-free?

A: The Wild Apple & Gooseberry flavor contains a barley malt extract that might not be recommended for people with gluten allergies. The other flavors are gluten free.


Q: Does NOA contain any soy?

A: All flavors are 100% soy-free.


Q: Do you use preservatives?

A: NOA is free from preservatives.


Q: How does NOA maintain a long shelf life without using preservatives?

A: We use a highly advanced production technique available to only a few facilities in the world. This aseptic filling technique makes it possible to fill our NOA bottles without preservatives. Our tasting labs have determined that a typical bottle of NOA lasts about 18 months — both microbiologically, and in terms of taste!


Q: Is NOA vegan?

A: All our flavors are suitable for vegans.


Q: Is NOA Kosher?

A: Although not officially certified as such, all our flavors meet the basic requirements for kosher designation.


Q: Is NOA Halal?

A: Although not officially certified as such, all NOA flavors are Halal suitable.


Q: Does NOA contain lactose?

A: NOA is 100% lactose-free.


Q: What sweeteners does NOA use?

A: All NOA flavors are sweetened with fructose and stevia. These contain 4.5g of sugar/100ml.


Q: Why do you not use sugar?

A: Juice concentrate and fructose contribute to the drink’s low sugar content. We do not make use of any sweeteners that do not come from a natural source.