Health & Function


Q: When is the best time to drink NOA?

A: You can drink NOA Relax & Focus at any time of day.


Q: How much should you drink to feel the effects?

A: 1 bottle.


Q: Can I drink it before bed?

A: While the drink does not make you tired or drowsy, the active ingredients can reduce stress and help you relax.


Q: How many bottles can you safely drink?

A: Studies that are available show that 1200 mg of green tea extract (equivalent to 6 bottles) can be safely consumed per day. There are, however, no studies that demonstrate if it is possible to consume “too much” green tea extract.


Q: Can children drink NOA and how much?

A: Yes, it’s great for children to consume NOA. There are no current studies showing that green tea extract or lemon balm may be harmful.


Q: Can I drink this as pregnant or when breastfeeding?

A: NOA Relax & Focus uses non-toxic ingredients which have been shown to be safe for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.


Q: Is it a coffee substitute? Is it like tea?

A:  It’s a caffeine-free beverage for people who want to have the same “focusing” benefits of coffee or tea without the “wired” effects. It does not have any coffee-sourced ingredients but does contain L-theanine from green tea.


Q: Does it gives you energy?

A: It does not provide the same kind of artificially-induced “energy” as a typical energy drink, which are loaded with sugar, caffeine, and all sorts of other relatively unnatural additives.


Q: Is it a mix between an energy drink and a tea?

A: No. Most energy drinks contain heavy amounts of caffeine and taurine, which are not used to produce NOA.


Q: Can athletes drink NOA?

A: Yes, athletes are encouraged to drink NOA for its relaxation and focus benefits.


Q: Can I drink NOA prior to driving or operating heavy machinery?

A: Yes.