NOA’s Story


At one time, I was at the top of one of Stockholm’s hottest companies. On the verge of going public, and with an executive marketing title and sizable salary, I somehow felt empty. After some soul searching, I realized that I couldn’t stand for the company’s core values. So, I did it: I quit.


It was the best decision I have ever made. My new home became an uninhabited island in the outer wilds of the Stockholm archipelago. This giant leap off the career path and away from the city was life-altering. Gazing out at the sea, serene in the presence of the moment, an intense calmness washed over my soul.


It struck me that there must be other people who yearn to feel this way. How could I bring back the essence of my island to the cosmopolitan crowd in the city? A natural beverage became the way to share this vision.


For me, NOA Relax and Focus is a symbol of self-inspection: who am I, what do I value? When you free yourself from society’s expectations, you truly connect with your inner inspiration. It is my hope that NOA will be an oasis in daily life – a return to tranquility, a place where we reflect and focus on life’s more meaningful matters.


Kind greetings,

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Noa Fridmark